Bridges at Colfax Dental

Dental Bridges replace one or multiple teeth by joining an artificial tooth to the adjacent teeth or implants. A dental bridge literally bridges the gap between teeth, utilizing the surrounding teeth or implants (depending on your situation) for it’s support. Bridges are an excellent way to restore a complete smile, allowing you to return back to chewing properly and showing off a full, beautiful smile. Another benefit to filling those gaps between teeth include the prevention of shifting teeth due to a gap’s existence. Filling a gap with a bridge will help retain not only the position of your natural teeth, but also help prevent further issues that may have otherwise been caused due to them drifting out of position.

Learn More About Bridges

To learn more about Dental Bridges or to see if they are right for you, contact us today. Dr. Turner and our professional staff at Colfax Dental are here to help you through this restorative process.