Intraoral Camera

A dentist and assistant working on a patient using an intraoral camera in front of a screen

Similar to the size of a dental mirror, intraoral cameras allow us to see the inside of a patient’s mouth via images translated onto a digital monitor screen. This technology enables us to show our patients the interior of their mouth, helping us to consult with them on their possible and potential treatment options.

Intraoral cameras are small hand-held tools that are unobtrusive while providing for an easy way to capture high quality images of a patient’s teeth and gums onto a screen. These images can then be utilized to accurately diagnose problem areas that may have been hard to see with just the naked eye. The fact that the images translate onto a screen in front of the patient also allows us to show patients exactly what we’re seeing while consulting with patients over their treatment plan. This ensures that patient’s oral care is a collaborative effort and that the patient is operating from a place of more perfect knowledge and understanding of their oral care needs while we discuss plans for their care.

If you’d like to learn more about our technology or have any questions, give us a call and our staff would be more than happy to speak with you.